Different Types of Hose Couplings

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  2. July 8, 2011 1:29 am

There are many uses for hoses other than just its typical use as a garden hose. There are different types of hoses for different purposes. Some may be as simple as a garden hose, while some hoses are used for a much sophisticated purpose, such as for fire hydrants or for oil transfer.

However, other than the hose, its couplings or adapters are also different from one purpose onto the other. And like the hose itself, its hose adapters may also be as simple as those used for garden hoses while others may be used in a more heavy duty purpose. So what are the different types of hose couplings used in different situations?

Different types of hose couplings

Garden hose couplings

There are currently two recognized types of hose adapters or couplings used for garden hoses. These include the hoselink and hozelock.

A hoselink, according to many experts, is a type of hose coupling which involves a bayonet type of connector utilizing a 0 Ring compression to provide a watertight connection. A hozelock, on the other hand, involves a push-fit connector.

Fire hose couplings

In terms of fire hoses, there are a number of hose adapters used around the world, and some of it are mostly unique in their own country. Here are some of the most popular types of hose couplings used for fire hoses as well as connector for fire hydrants.

A standard coupling on fire hoses in Germany, a stortz involves a “quarter turn coupling”, or “sexless coupling”, commonly used to connect to fire hydrants, easy to connect, no particular male or female end, lugs are on inside of coupling.

Guillemin symmetrical clutch
These types of hose couplings are normally found in France and Belgium which is used to couple fire hoses. According to many of those that used this type of hose adapter, the Guillemin clutch can be fastened by hand, but it is also possible to use a tricoise wrench.

Nakajima and Machino
A nakajima is a type of hose coupling which involves a “quarter turn” or “sexless” coupling, while the machino involves a quick connect and disconnect coupling. Both are commonly used in fire hoses in Japan.

Expansion Ring
An Expansion Ring Fire Hose Coupling is commonly used on lay flay fire hose. Compared to other types of hose couplings, these have the advantage of providing no flow restriction, as the expansion ring is expanded to match the inner diameter of the hose.

These types of hose couplings, however, are normally installed with special machinery using a drawbar expander. And these types of hose couplings are normally used in the US.

Hose couplings for other heavy duty purposes

Cam and Groove
A Cam and groove is a quick connect fluid transfer hose coupling that consists of a male “adapter” and female “coupler”. These types of hose couplings are mostly used for petroleum or chemical applications.

Air King
The Air King or Universal Air Hose Coupling is a type of hose adapter which involves a malleable iron or brass “quarter turn” “sexless coupling” usually found on pneumatic tools like jackhammers.

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